Meet our moonwalking Hi-Viz Hero Volunteer!

When Onkar Judge first got in touch with Jamie Green, Vaccination Centre Volunteer Co-ordinator, he just wanted some reassurance from his trusted friend for over 25 years about having the COVID-19 vaccine. Little did he know he would soon be volunteering as a Hi-Viz Hero too! 

Onkar appeared on X Factor back in 2006 and the subsequent tour, performing to over 100,000 people across the country at huge venues, including Wembley Arena and he continues to perform his Michael Jackson act. He has been the headline performer at numerous events, as well as raising awareness of knife crime at a SWIPE event, where he performed with local musicians, and a band formed of local young people especially for him!

With permission from the NHS staff, Jamie suggested that Onkar come along to have his jab dressed as Michael Jackson to entertain the Hi-Viz Heroes, who have been out in all weathers and bring a smile to their faces. Onkar thought this was a fantastic idea and was delighted to turn up as his hero.

One Friday morning at 8am, Onkar moonwalked his way into the Salt Hill Park Vaccination Centre, before it opened to the surprise and joy of the volunteers. 

Though a smaller audience of volunteers and NHS staff they were equally appreciative.

Manjit Birk said, “Thank you Onkar for bringing your energy and soul to us this morning… you cheered us up!”

Onkar then confidently had his vaccination. He was so impressed by the work at the vaccination centre that he straightaway signed up to volunteer himself. While not able to perform due to COVID-19 restrictions, Onkar currently has two jobs working six days a week. He is now spending his one free day volunteering at the vaccination centre.

Onkar said, “The staff and volunteers are all so friendly and it’s really nice to see so many visitors being thankful and grateful to get their vaccine. I’m loving volunteering at the centre, it’s been amazing fun and great to talk to people and knowing that I’m making a difference to get the nation back to normality.”

Watch Onkar perform