Meals for the One Slough vaccination centre volunteers – thank you so much!

A huge thank you to the groups and businesses supporting our volunteers with a welcome meal during their six hour shifts at the Slough vaccination centres. The One Slough volunteers have been out in all weathers, supporting the NHS and are very thankful for a warming meal and refreshments provided every day.

Slough Outreach have been working hard with their tireless volunteers throughout the pandemic and lockdowns to provide food for the vulnerable and homeless. More recently they have also been supplying meals for the One Slough volunteers during the week too.

Shin Dhother said, “The volunteers are always grateful when we arrive to deliver the lunch parcels and we are just grateful to be offered the opportunity to serve.”

At the weekend, Covid-United provide the meals. Ajmal Azam, co-ordinator said, “The volunteers especially deserve our gratitude for their dedication and selfless commitment towards helping us all overcome this pandemic. It’s been an honour and pleasure to work with Chaiiwala Slough and Grill Street to provide and donate hot meals for the volunteers on a weekly basis. Thank you for their kindness and generosity – this pandemic has hit many small businesses extremely hard and that is what makes their contributions so truly special.”

The family run Polish supermarket chain, Mleczko have been supporting the COVID-19 relief effort from the first lockdown with donations and regular bread supplies. They are now providing fresh sandwiches on a Friday to the volunteers.

Michael Mleczko said, “We have wholeheartedly enjoyed working with Slough One to support the vulnerable during this difficult time. It has been a privilege to support this cause.”

The work at the centres is being carried out by the four local Primary Care Networks across Slough: LOCC, SPINE, SHAPE and Central Slough Network supported by the volunteers, co-ordinated by Slough CVS. As the vaccination programme steps up, we would like to thank all the very many volunteers and businesses across Slough all working together to support the vaccine rollout.

To volunteer at the vaccination and lateral flow centres, visit: