Food, chat and a check-in – a great example of One Slough partnership work

A thank you to members of Slough Masonic Centre and Buckinghamshire Freemasons for the incredible organisation, delivery and offer of the hot meals for vulnerable residents in Slough during the Covid 2020/21 lockdowns.

Thanks to their generous donations the Community Development and Youth Outreach Teams were able to deliver to around 100 elderly residents isolated, living alone, shielding and many with health problems as well as 30 young people and their families facing hardship or needing assistance on a weekly basis.

The teams were able to deliver the food five days a week from October to March. The partnership with members of Slough Masonic Centre and Buckinghamshire Freemasons meant that every week these people were assured of a healthy, hot dinner and some company.

Zulf Awan, Community Development Manager said, “We also worked with Recycled Teenagers – a charity based in Britwell that provides lunch clubs and social events for people aged over 65 – who used their member base to reach out to those who needed the meals. For some, we were the only face they saw each week as we delivered the food and in return offered them the chance to chat to someone in a Covid-safe way on the doorstep and a way to check in with those on their own. Others have been in and out of hospital during this time and we have been able to ensure they are well and eating okay.”

The Youth and Community Detached team identified a number of young people under the age of 18 and their families who needed extra help throughout this pandemic. Delivering the hot meals allowed the youth workers to build a rapport and relationship with the entire family that has then helped to increase confidence from the young person and engagement in the work the team is doing with them.

The partnership work with Slough Masonic Centre and Buckinghamshire Freemasons has been a lifeline for so many residents through the Covid19 lockdowns and pandemic.

One resident commented,  “Thank you all so very much, we have been truly spoilt right through the lockdown. I really appreciate all the hard work that’s been going on. You have all truly cared for us in so many ways. You go above and beyond.”

Although the project is sadly coming to end now the team will keep in contact and see if there is more they can do together in partnership in the future. This project idea came to light through the One Slough weekly meetings.

A great team effort!