World Mental Health Day

The #ThrivingCommunities project is for those experiencing depression, stress or anxiety. It offers activities such as exercise, arts, music and dance with the aim of improving wellbeing.
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Help on World Mental Health Day

There are several Slough specific resources for residents who would like more information about mental health this World Mental Health Day.

This year the focus on World Mental Health Day, on Sunday 10 October, is mental health in an unequal world on a local and global level.

One of the key reasons for inequality is the stigma and discrimination towards those with mental health issues which can create a barrier to accessing help.

Such stigma has led to 9 out of ten people with mental health problems stating it has negatively impacted either their education, work, or personal lives, or all of them.

In Slough there is work happening and resources available to prompt and make conversations around mental health normal, like people would ask about someone’s physical health.

Cllr Pantelic, lead member for Social Care and Public Health, said: “There are excellent resources here to support people who feel their mental health is suffering.

“The challenges of the pandemic continue to affect us all this year, so it’s important for everyone to seek help and advice when they need it and not suffer in silence.”

Slough Public Health has partnered with Slough CVS and Wellbeing Prescribing to create information designed to support and help residents  who are facing issues.

The new Thriving Communities Project has activities to participate in, in person or online to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Find out more about the new Programme at: #WorldMentalHealthDay