Walk-in Clinics – Grab a jab!

Along with the weekend vaccination clinics at Salt Hill Park (Sat/Sun 8am-8pm) the ​weekday evening Walk-In Clinics have proved to be a popular time slot for Slough residents. They run from 5pm-8pm at Salt Hill Park Vaccination Centre, allowing residents to come in after a day at work. There are still some older members of the community who haven’t had a chance to get vaccinated earlier for one reason or another and here’s a great example from Qudsia, Volunteer Team Co-ordinator about one 83 year old wheelchair bound woman of Pakistani descent who was brought in by her son for her first vaccine dose.

When the team asked her son as to why she had not come in to have her vaccine​, when she was eligible in December 2020, he replied:

“We have been contacted by our surgery numerous times over the past few months to come in for the vaccine.  To be honest we are a big Asian family, and we were very reluctant to get the vaccine which we thought was not good, we just didn’t want our mum/family to get vaccinated.” 

“I am 37 years old, and I came today for my first vaccine as a walk-in patient, and I was so happy and impressed by the service I received from the team and felt very safe as I was taken care of properly.” 

“I went back home, and I decided to bring my mum straight away for her first dose as you guys are brilliant. Thank you for the great service and for looking after me and mum, we really appreciate it.” 

What a fantastic recommendation! It’s not a problem if you change your mind about having the vaccine for yourself or an older family member. Everyone over 18 is eligible, so even if you’ve been contacted numerous times by your GP, you don’t get to get back in touch, just go to the drop-in clinic.

It’s easy, just turn up and you will be greeted by the amazing volunteers and NHS staff at the vaccination centre.