Volunteers Week – 2021

It’s Volunteers Week, a time to recognise all our volunteers! During an exceptionally difficult year with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people from across Slough have taken the time to volunteer and made a massive difference in our community.

To all our amazing volunteers, a huge thank you from #OneSlough!



Watch some thank you’s here

Tan Dhesi MP for Slough pays tribute to Slough’s incredible volunteers saying they have been the backbone to our community and are a credit to our town.

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/DYI5vFEBVEc

Ketan Gandhi, Associate Director – Place thanks volunteers on behalf of Slough Borough Council and Slough residents, saying they are “brilliant, world class and humbling”.

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/IDI6b4x6J7A

Dr Asif Ali Local GP & Clinical Director in Slough thanking the #OneSlough Hi-Viz Heroes for making the whole process efficient and supporting the NHS clinical team to vaccinate the population of Slough.

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/NUNvNRaAdfk

Zack Ali, On-site Manager at the vaccination centres said, “It’s been a privilege working together with such a dedicated group of volunteers, some even coming in on their 50th birthdays! Looking back in years to come, they can say “I was there, this is what I did.”

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/91PhC98igfE

A heartful thanks from Qudsia Rahim, Volunteer Team Co-ordinator to all the #OneSlough Hi-Viz Volunteers for bringing their smiles, sharing stories and for their hard work, dedication and commitment for everything they do.

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/ZoedODloMGw