Volunteering over Ramadan

Zainab Akhtar has been volunteering at the Slough vaccination centres. Here, she tells us about her experience volunteering over Ramadan.

“Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, it is truly a blessed time to reflect on ourselves, give back, ask for forgiveness and try and better our souls by doing good deeds.

This holy month is an opportunity for us to restart in a way and hope that the changes and good deeds have a lasting impression on us even after the month of Ramadan.

I personally have been volunteering at the Salt Hill Mass Vaccination site since January 2021, which was followed by me getting the opportunity to become a volunteer lead in March 2021. This has been such an amazing experience for me. I have met some amazing volunteers and NHS staff members along the way and to think that I am a part of such a terrific programme saving lives makes me feel honoured to be a volunteer. It’s really nice to see so many guests being thankful and grateful to get their vaccine.

Volunteering during Ramadan has surprisingly not been as tough as I expected. Time flies by when it is busy as it is, so not being able to eat or drink doesn’t have a huge impact during the shift. I am grateful to Jamie, Qudsia and Alberto for keeping a special eye out for those volunteers that are fasting and making sure we are all as comfortable as we can be.”

If you would like to volunteer at the vaccination centres, you can sign up at https://oneslough.org.uk/volunteer/