Thriving Communities singing session

Some photos, from the Thriving Communities singing session event this week in partnership with Mustaqbill Foundation, Cafe Brew Hut, Britwell Community Cafe, Slough Carers Support and the Thriving Communities Project.

Kinder Bassi, Slough Carers Support & Wellbeing Manager led the session spoke to some of the attendees. Here’s what they had to say:

“I enjoyed the mood of all the singers, the audience, the beautiful chilled out cafe atmosphere and the fact that all the songs are so different – the different cultures. Everybody was enjoying themselves. For me it’s also meant coming out, meeting new friends, and signing up for a Carers Discount Card!”

“Good vibrations all round!”

“I’ve always sung, it’s a fantastic way of communicating. It’s a lovely thing to share that with other people and for me it lifts my spirits hugely… to have people singing to one another is absolutely fantastic, really wonderful. There are so many different groups coming together, sharing songs together and learning songs together. To be able to sing in a space like this is a very special.”

The Thriving Communities Project continues this month – see details.To take part call 01753 303428 or email