Theresa volunteered on her birthday last week!

Theresa Carter is the PA to the Mayor of Slough, Cllr Preston Brooker. She has been volunteering in her spare time at the Salt Hill Park Vaccination Centre and last week joined other volunteers there on her birthday!

She said, “As a volunteer, I was tasked with supporting the nurses’ stations in the red for people who had booked online and were mostly from out of the borough.

All volunteers are put in pairs so that they can support each other, cover when one needs a break and to ensure that people are not waiting around too long.  My partner was Vanessa and our job was to direct residents to a free nursing station and to ensure that the chairs were cleaned in between.

The reason I volunteered on this particular day was that it was my birthday and I wanted to “pay it forward”.

From the moment residents started lining up for their vaccines there was a buzz about them.  Every resident I spoke to (and that was quite a lot in 6 hours) said they were excited about getting their vaccine as it was a glimmer of hope and they could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The rapport between the volunteers and the staff at Salt Hill is what makes it run so smoothly and efficiently.  This is why I am “Proud to be Slough”.

Thank you Theresa!