Thank you to Slough Modest Sisters

Slough Council for Voluntary Service (Slough CVS) is working together with Slough Borough Council and local groups to coordinate an army of volunteers to help people in the borough through the One Slough initiative. 

Slough Modest Sisters was set up in 2014 by Roshtha Sadiq and Sima Bhatti, who both work part time and have their own businesses.

Roshtha Sadiq and Sima Bhatti said “We both have different experiences in life and have faced hardships. We wanted to build a base where women and their families, from all backgrounds and cultures do not have to go through the hurdles we went through professionally and personally. Being able to help people who need it the most, really gives us great satisfaction.

Helping the vulnerable and the needy has been an eye opener. It has enabled us to appreciate every little thing we have in life, and at the same time being able to help someone is a reward in itself.

We have started a SMS support group – A Friend in Need – in which we have been coordinating various on-line workshops and talks to encourage people to engage and interact along with daily shopping for the vulnerable and isolated and picking and dropping off prescriptions.

Hearing the relief in their voice’s has nearly brought us to tears or even seeing their smile through the window where they have waved at us with a big thank you. Hearing the anxiety and worry in the voices of some of the elderly has been really heartbreaking but we have been able to re-assure them that everything is going to be okay and we are all here for them.”