Thank you to all the groups providing befriending services in Slough

Wellbeing Friends who make regular calls to vulnerable and isolated adults working together with the Wellbeing Prescribing team at Slough CVS. They aim to keep people involved in meaningful conversations to support their mental health, as well as making sure they are safe, have food and medication.

One client said, “It’s been great, with my wellbeing friend’s and my wellbeing prescriber’s help they have put me in touch with other organisations. It’s helpful for my mental health to talk to somebody regularly.”

There are currently 30 Wellbeing Friend who between them speak nine community languages. A new partnership has just begun with Langley College. Students sign up to provide befriending over the phone as work experience as part of their course.

If you would like to volunteer as a Wellbeing Friend, please e-mail If you provide a Befriending service in Slough, please e-mail with details.