Tan Dhesi MP for Slough visits vaccination centre and delivers some key messages

Last Friday Tan Dhesi, MP for Slough came to see the work undertaken at Salt Hill Park Vaccination Centre and meet the staff and volunteers. He later sent out a message on social media in English, Punjabi and Urdu, available to view on his Facebook page urging residents not to fall for any conspiracy theories and to “get vaccinated against Covid-19 to help save the lives of you, your loved ones and us all.”

Take a look at his message, which firstly thanks the NHS health teams and volunteers at the Vaccination Centre in English.

Covid-19 infection numbers are decreasing in Slough with about 482 per 100,000 cases per week, and we have moved down to the fourth highest in the country. Slough has seen 29 deaths this week and many of us know people who have passed away or are critically ill with the virus. Please do continue to encourage your networks to get tested and also to have the vaccine when they are called to do so.

Some other news from the Vaccination Centre

Volunteers and NHS staff come came out to pay tribute and clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore this week.
Watch the video

Salt Hill Park Vaccination Centre has now vaccinated 6k people. One of the tasks the volunteers do is ask a series of safety check questions, prior to entry to ensure people are able to have the vaccine. Of the 6k vaccinated, only 6 people or 1 in 1000 have been turned away at the check-in point, saving the NHS a lot of time and enabling the centre to run much more smoothly. The volunteers are making a real difference.