Support from RE:ACT at the mass vaccination centre in Slough

Jamie Green, One Slough volunteer is leading the volunteer response at the vaccination centres in Salt Hill Park and Langley since December, supported by Asma Aziz and Yvette Hockley from Slough CVS.

Jamie said, “Salt Hill Park is now one of the 17 mass vaccination centres in the country and a lot of organisation and logistics was involved in the set-up. Following a campaign to find volunteers, we now have about 800 people signed up as our Hi-Viz Heroes helping people at the vaccination centres. We are delighted that we will have additional support from national charity RE:ACT who are providing a Volunteer Coordinator to assist us with running the Salt Hill Park mass vaccination centre. The Coordinator, an army veteran, with lots of experience of large and complex operations will be working alongside #One Slough and joining the team.”

RE:ACT are a first responder charity, rapidly deploying in emergencies and disasters. Their volunteers come predominantly from the military veteran community, and they repurpose their skills and experience to provide humanitarian action in emergencies and disasters. Better known as an international disaster response charity, in March 2020, they mobilised our volunteers and deployed in response to Covid, and they’re now firmly established as a part of UK resilience, having been on continuous response since then.

RE:ACT has supported Slough in the past. During the first wave, their volunteers assisted at the temporary mortuary facility in Slough.

Gordon Mackenzie, trained RE:ACT Responder and former Royal Marine said, “We’re thrilled to be able to support the local community in Slough. We’re playing an important part in supporting the operational planning of the vaccination centre, and we have a lot of experience and capability when it comes to dealing with large-scale and complex operations, so we’re privileged to lend our expertise for the benefit of the public and frontline workers.”

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