Recycled Teenagers receive food packages from SBC staff during lockdown

Recycled Teenagers is a Slough based charity which has been supporting older people in the community for 10 years. One of their aims is to add years to life and life to years and they achieve this by running a full program of events and activities including lunch clubs, which normally attract between 80-100 members every week. Undeterred by this and with a commitment to making sure their members remain safe and well during this difficult time they decided they would purchase food parcels for each of them.

However strict guidelines around self-isolation and social distancing meant that the committee were severely restricted in what they could do. They approached Slough Borough Council’s Community Development and Youth Services who were happy to support their initiative. On Thursday 16 April, a number of willing staff bagged and packed all the essential purchased and donated groceries from Medina Diaries, Mars and KP into their cars. With PPE, a map and list of addresses they delivered the bags to 100 homes across Slough.

Following the deliveries Recycled Teenagers phone line and Facebook page was busy with compliments and gratitude for their food parcels. This gave members the opportunity to chat with each other either over the phone or on-line, which was very welcome for many who are feeling lonely and isolated.

Tony Smeaton, Chair of Recycled Teenager said: “the feedback we have been getting has been fantastic; members were delighted with the food packages and expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the parcels. On behalf of Recycled Teenagers I would like to thank the team for delivering the parcels. Without this support we would not have been able to reach our members and help them in this way, we are extremely grateful. Many thanks!!”

Community Development Officer Aqeel Akram is a member of the team that coordinated the deliveries and he had this to say “Serving vulnerable people in the community is a pleasure not a chore; I thoroughly enjoyed going door to door delivering essential items to people who may not have had the chance to leave their homes for weeks now.  I was greeted with smiles and gratitude at every home I visited which makes the task even more rewarding. I also took the opportunity to ask members if they were okay and made them aware of support services they could access. I’d be happy to help again!”