#OneSlough Employment and Wellbeing learners reset from feeling disillusioned to empowered

The #OneSlough Employment and Wellbeing Course came to an end last week with learners leaving the four week course feeling more focused, confident and ready to look for new opportunities. The course funded by #OneSlough saw 10 learners develop new skills and build self-confidence. The sessions took place on Zoom and required the learners to engage four days a week on a platform many had not used before. On day one, they were asked to self-score themselves on confidence, where a score of 1 indicated a low level of confidence and a score of 10 indicated a high level of confidence . The average score at the beginning of the course was was 5.2. After the four weeks, this rose to 8.25, an impressive increase of 60%.

The sessions organised by Samina Hussain and trainer Bep Dhaliwal from Thrive 365 brought together professionals from six local organisations to speak to the learners, each of whom brought their own experiences and expertise to the sessions. Among them were businesses and organisations, Osborne, Mars Wrigley, Technology One and Slough CVS.

1 to 1 sessions ran alongside the Zoom group sessions and this was where confidence was boosted as learners began to see how they can best use their existing skills. One learner said,
“What made this course unique, rich and impactful was the focus on you as a person and the focus on your wellbeing right from the start as a basis for self-confidence and being able to present yourself authentically with your strengths to find the right job for you.”

60% of the learners have already progressed further, with four of them going on to new jobs and two to volunteer.

Trainer, Bep said, “I couldn’t be prouder of the results we’ve achieved and the feedback the learners have shared. To support them in identifying their strengths, their commitment to themselves in setting and achieving goals and to witness a renewed sense of purpose & self-worth is a true gift.”

The course didn’t just end with a certificate. Learners will receive a check in at the 1 month and 3 month stage, a weekly newsletter to support pathways into employment, volunteering, further study and ongoing support through WISE Together.

A similar course run on behalf of Slough Borough Council is starting from 2 November. Contact Claire Giacobbe at claire.giacobbe@osborne.co.uk for further information.

Download the new course flyer