Needle phobia — useful advice

We’re getting a lot more younger people coming in to get their jab at the vaccination drop-in centres in Slough. George Carmichael, aged 23 was initially worried because of his fear of needles. Here, he tells us what changed his mind about having the vaccine.

‘’I hate needles and I did not want to come in for my jab because of this.  My mom was nagging me about getting it done and I wanted to go abroad, which I know is a little selfish! But I figured that it is a community thing as everyone is getting it done like my mates, so I why not do it sooner rather than later.  Everyone has been so nice and accommodating here today and I even got lollipop for braving the needle!’’

Between 3-10% of UK adults suffer from needle phobia (Anxiety UK). If you’re having a vaccine, tell the person administering it that you have anxiety and let them know what would help you relax. The following suggestions may be helpful for you:

  • See if they can talk to you to provide distraction
  • Try distracting yourself by counting, for example, bricks on the wall or tiles on the ceiling
  • Listen to music or practice mindfulness

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