COVID-19 Fund – One Slough Team

Help Slough’s COVID 19 relief effort to support the most vulnerable

Slough CVS (SCVS) launches the Slough Giving Covid 19 Response and Recovery Fund today, to support our voluntary sector so that they can provide vital ongoing services for Slough residents. People and organisations across Slough are making incredible efforts and are working together to support the most vulnerable people across our communities. The COVID 19 pandemic has made the lives of the vulnerable so much more difficult, isolating them and exposing them to other issues, such as mental health problems and job insecurity.

The challenge

Vital services, provided by the voluntary sector are having no choice but to close, others are having to change the way they provide support in order to prevent infection.

Vulnerable residents need your help

We need to ensure that vital services, often a lifeline for residents are being met, including: getting food to people who are isolated and in greatest need; protecting our most vulnerable children while schools are closed; helping people who have recently left hospital; supporting people with their mental wellbeing; helping people who are struggling with debt; making regular contact with isolated elderly people and ensuring disabled and frail have medical supplies are being met.

Ramesh Kukar, chief executive of SCVS, said: “Our voluntary sector in Slough is robust and has really stepped up to the huge challenges, but needs sufficient funding to be able to ensure we are supporting everyone who needs support during this emergency.

“Many people who cannot donate their time have been asking me what they can do to help instead, so we have set up this fund so people can donate and we can help provide much needed cash for the local charities and organisations who are doing so much for so many people.”

Now it’s your time, to play your part

We’re asking you to donate to this fund, 100% of which will be used by community groups, charities and not-for-profit initiatives, who are supporting the many vulnerable people in Slough.

Donate to Slough Giving Covid 19 Response and Recovery Fund at:

Businesses can help too

If you are a business and wish to donate in-kind resources such as goods or services, please email us at:

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