All Slough residents aged 18+ can access COVID-19 vaccines

Thanks to the surge vaccination sites in Slough, many hidden residents have come forward to have their first vaccine dose.

Cllr Joycelyn John was aware of one such resident from Colnbrook, who was keen to get the vaccine, but was not registered with a Slough GP.

On Sunday 20 June, she took him down to Langley Health Centre. There, Joycelyn said, “He was warmly acknowledged and was administered his first dose of the vaccine. He was so appreciative of the support he has received.”

Having the drop-in vaccination sites in Slough has meant that those not on the radar, possibly not registered with their GP can access the vaccine. No ID is required and anyone over the age of 18 can now have the vaccine.

There are so many reasons to have the vaccine. It helps:

  • reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19
  • reduce your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 and getting long Covid
  • protect against COVID-19 variants

Local GP, Dr Jim O’Donnell attended the #OneSlough Community Champions meeting on Thursday and gave a great presentation and answered lots of questions about the vaccine and booster jabs.

He also spoke about his admiration for the Community Champions (CC) and their role in the roll out of the vaccinations in Slough. If you missed it, a recording will be available next week — you can sign up to receive the newsletter and invites to future CC meetings at:

Working together we have made some exceptional progress — Let’s get all of Slough vaccinated!