Group Response Form

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Group Response Form

Section 1 - Project Statistics

Section 2 - Service User Breakdown









Section 3 - Written Report

One Slough Quarterly Written Report

Please tell us about how your project has met the key priorities and target groups as outlined in your application.

Key priorities and Target groups:

Key Priorities

  • Targeted approached to working with those identified as vulnerable
  • Development of provision to identify and support carers including young carers in the community
  • Develop and enhance opportunities that provide support and reduce social isolation
  • Develop communication and channels through which to develop messaging and provide further enhancement
  • Improve outcomes to reduce poverty
  • Increase skills and employment opportunities 
  • Improve health inequalities including mental wellbeing

Target Groups

  • Participants who are lonely or isolated
  • Participants with long term conditions/ mental health issues
  • Participants who have complex social needs
  • Participants living in the most deprived areas of Slough
  • Participants from ethnic minorities
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